A full-service Multi-Family Office

As the needs of a family mature across wealth and governance, families increasingly seek more than only investment advice. We draw from the ocean of knowledge and expertise of almost seven decades at Ghalla Bhansali Group. We use state-of-the-art technology platforms, infrastructure, peer networks and the expertise of external partner professoinals to tailor innovative solutions for your family & wealth. While being your Total Balance Sheet & Family Advisor is our endeavour, below is a gist of the areas we cater to.

  Accounting & Corporate Restructuring

Corporate and business structures designed keeping business and tax realities at a point in time, need to be revisited every few years. While we can monitor and keep a tab on the accounting and compliance requirements of the family and the business, an important aspect is also to review and suggest smart restructuring that better reflects the changing dynamics of families, business enviornments, and law.

  Global Taxation

With increasingly more family members and business interests abroad, global taxation and regulations become extremely critical. Our approach is to minimize and eliminate the regulatory risks that one may have unwittingly assumed. Tax optimization is a secondary goal under the overarching requirement of staying on the right side of all regulations and governance.

  Investment Advisory

We firmly believe in the power of process and governance. We first build an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) for your family wealth that dictates a majority of the rules for manager & security selection, risk management and allocations. The IPS helps us navigate risks arising from markets and human biases. We offer unbiased, practical investment advice across multiple asset classes and geogeographies in order to maximize your risk-adjusted returns in line with your family's financial goals.

  Performance Evaluation & Reporting

Guided by our Total Balance Sheet approach, we use our state-of-the-art, proprietary technology platform to help you consolidate your entire Balance Sheet across multiple asset classes. This helps us evaluate and hold all Advisors accountable for achieving their respective investment targets and also maintain a strong focus on overall risk management.

  Real Estate

We enable you to have a consolidated view of all your real estate holdings, and attempt to capture performance periodically. With the help of our partners, we also assist you to buy, sell or manage such assets.

  Transaction Advisory & Private Equity

We provide preferential deal access to select start-up and private equity transactions through our network. Over the years, we have found some of these ideas resonate with the family's principal business or new venture ideas that the family may have. While generating returns is key, there is an incidental opprtunity to meet& mentor other (potentially younger) entrepreneurs disruptively chasing and creating large markets.

Our transaction advisory platform works as an extension of your Finance team; whether it may be some strategic opportunities a family wants to pursue, or any monetization and liquidation excercise the company wants to engage in.


For large families with significant wealth at stake, we help you build internal & external Family Councils and Family Constitutions to enable a smooth, objective resolution of conflicts. It defines & helps family successors to differntiate between Ownersip & Management, ensuring a harmonious attempt at unbiased succession planning, distribution of assets, and general decision making for complex issues. Processes are set to ensure good governance, no conflicts of interests and, in turn, create lasting legacies.

  Trusteeship, Succession & Estate Planning

Inter-generational wealth transfer involves dealing with a variety of aspects like relinquishing control in the principal businesses, choosing successors, and establishing the segregation between ownership & management. Estate Planning involves protecting and codifying the family's long-term thoughts on wealth and control, while ensuring that the beneficiaries do not feel vulnerable and at risk about the same.


Giving back is personal quest and it can be overwhelming to make a start. We help you define and document the causes you would like to support, making sure your investments leave the world a better place. We also help you manage the Trusts & Foundations that you may wish to establish.


When younger family members assume leadership positions in a family business, there is a strong possibility of conflict and inefficient communication. Having a formal Coach & Mentor helps the induction of younger members and their thought process, while maintaining the values and the larger purpose of the family enterprise. This includes building skills to create trust with others, going beyond hearing, powerful communication, conflict management, questioning & introspection, goal setting, designing positive actions and maintaining full accountability.

  Holistic Family Engagement

Amongst everyting else, our mission is to ensure that families grow and succeed harmoniously over time. We help educate family memebrs on various topics, plan family meetups & holidays to discuss ideas, share experiences and make happy memories.


We collaborate with our Partner firms to ensure you get holistic and efficient advice on various legal issues spanning corporate, civil and criminal law.

  Holistic Concierge & Lifestyle

With our Partner firms, we help you manage all your lifestyle needs; we help you budget for any extravagant and aspirational needs by reviewing liquidity needs.