Most Wealth management firms today are focussed on the wrong things. We could invite you out for a round of golf, entice you with bewitching, but risky investments ideas, or take you to an evening of glitter, jazz & wine, but that’s not the way we choose to showcase value. You wouldn't choose your doctor based on how well he swings his club, and you shouldn’t pick your Family Office Manager that way either.


When you engage with Adelmo, you are hiring a competent fiduciary committed to helping you make decisions that are aligned with the outcomes you define and the values you stand for - whilst ensuring that there are no conflicts of interests which, in turn, ensures lasting legacies.


At Adelmo, our very existence stems from the understanding that your wealth is a combination of your skills, sacrifices, risks undertaken, vision and persistence over decades. Saying 'NO' is as important as saying 'Yes' to the right opportunities at the right time. Our primary job is to safeguard this achievement, before we attempt to maximize it - risk management first, return enhancement next. In an overwhelming world with hyper-information and too many choices, we are firm believers in the practice of Vipassana meditation - the art of seeing things as they are - and we help you do the same by maintaing a clear, peaceful focus on the goals you set to achieve.


Our single minded agenda is to help you succesfully grow, protect and transmit your wealth & values to your future generations. We insist on absolute clarity - from ourselves, you, and all other stakeholders we engage with on your behalf.